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Instructor Candidate Procedures for CPSTs

If you are interested in becoming an instructor of the certification training course, you are required to meet eligibility requirements and follow procedures for instructor candidacy.

In order to become an instructor, you must:

  • Be a certified technician for at least six months immediately before you submit your application
  • Complete an instructor candidacy (IC) application
  • Pay an IC fee of $75
  • Submit your completed application to Safe Kids Worldwide
  • Serve as a course assistant at a certification class (you must include verification of this with your application)
  • Have a certified instructor serve as your mentor
  • Successfully teach as an Instructor Candidate for a certification course within one year of of being approved as a candidate

Make sure not to let your certification lapse during this period or else you will no longer qualify.  Once you become an instructor, you will start a new 2-year certification cycle.

You can find the instructor candidacy forms at under the Resources tab or by clicking

For detailed information, contact Rosy Hyre by email at or visit the Policies and Procedures menu item at