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Frontovers and Backovers

Safe Kids Indiana works to educate the public on parking lot and driveway injuries known as “frontovers” and “backovers.”  In an effort to raise awareness about these tragedies, Safe Kids Worldwide created a program called Spot the Tot.

Here are some important safety tips:

  • Before you drive away, take a few seconds to walk all the way around your parked car to check for children.
  • Work with your kids to pick up toys, bikes, chalk or any type of equipment around the driveway so that these items don’t entice kids to play.
  • Identify and use safe play areas for children, away from parked or moving vehicles. Consider making your driveway a toy-free zone
  • Accompany little kids when they get in and out of a vehicle. Hold their hands while walking near moving vehicles or in driveways and parking lots or on sidewalks.
  • To request a Spot the Tot display at your upcoming outdoor event, please contact Marsha French, or 317-274-6718.


Safe Kids Worldwide has developed an education program for preteens and teens before they drive. Our program was designed to teach preteens and young teens about safe driving before they start to drive.

This program will:

  • Help parents, preteens and teens talk about safe driving.
  • Establish an agreed upon set of rules.
  • Review what it means to be a safe driver and a safe passenger.
  • Educate teens early so they will be safer drivers later.

To learn more about this program, click on this link: Countdown2drive