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Nuclear Medicine Technology Curriculum

Courses in the Nuclear Medicine Technology Bachelor of Science Program at Indiana University School of Medicine professional program are sequential and therefore must be taken in the order specified by the program faculty. The 65 professional credits listed below are obtained within a 22-month period and fulfill eligibility requirements for the registry examination in nuclear medicine technology.

Junior Year Courses

Summer Session II Course Credits
Introduction to Radiography RADI-R 110 3.0
Patient Care I RADI-R 112 3.0
Total 6.0
Fall Semester Course Credits
Projects in Nuclear Medicine Technology I RADI-R 410 2.0
Physics and Instrumentation of Nuc Med I with Lab RADI-R 412 3.0
Applications of Radionuclides I RADI-R 432 3.0
Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine RADI-R 437 1.0
Clinical Nuclear Medicine I RADI-R 443 3.0
Total 12.0
Spring Semester Course Credits
Projects in Nuclear Medicine Technology II RADI-R 411 2.0
Physics and Instrumentation of Nuc Med II with Lab RADI-R 417 3.0
Applications of Radionuclides II
RADI-R 433 3.0
Essential Radiology I (PET/CT) RADI-R 438 1.0
Clinical Nuclear Medicine II RADI-R 444 4.0
Total 13.0

Senior Courses

Summer Session I & II Course Credits
Radiopharmaceuticals RADI-R 427 2.0
Patient Care II RADI-R 212 1.0
Projects in Nuclear Medicine Technology III RADI-R 413 2.0
Clinical Nuclear Medicine III RADI-R 445 4.0
Total 9.0
Fall Semester Course Credits
Projects in Nuclear Medicine Technology IV RADI-R 420 1.0
Nuclear Medicine In-Service I RADI-R 423 1.0
Clinical Nuclear Medicine IV RADI-R 446 4.0
CT Principles and Procedures I RADI-R 466 3.0
 Multiplanar Anatomy  RADI-R 473  3.0
Total 12.0
Spring Semester Course Credits
Projects in Nuclear Medicine Technology V RADI-R 421 2.0
Nuclear Medicine In-Service II RADI-R 424 2.0
Nuclear Medicine Management RADI-R 441 2.0
Clinical Nuclear Medicine V RADI-R 447 4.0
CT Principles and Procedures II RADI-R 467 3.0
Total 13.0

Study Abroad Elective

In the spring semester, all Nuclear Medicine Technology students at IU School of Medicine are eligible to apply to take the study abroad elective: RADI-R 499 Global Experiences in Nuclear Medicine.

In this one-credit-hour course, students journey to an international location to explore the ways in which nuclear medicine and molecular imaging are performed. Radiopharmaceuticals, procedures and technology not used or performed in the United States are the focus of this course. Students have opportunities to visit hospitals and clinics in other countries and experience how nuclear medicine is performed.

Elective participants also gain an understanding of how health care in the host country works compared to the United States. Guest lecturers from the visited country present on various topics, including nuclear medicine procedures, patient care and healthcare policies. Each spring a different location is chosen for a unique experience. This course is eligible for repeat credit, so students may take this course during both their junior and senior years.


Program faculty recommend graduating students with superior academic performance for degrees awarded with distinction according to the university’s policy. Also, students with outstanding academic and clinical achievement during their professional program may be recognized by the program at the time of graduation.

Graduation Requirements

To qualify for graduation, Nuclear Medicine Technology students must complete 120 credit hours of coursework, including 55 credit hours of prerequisites and general-education courses and 65 credit hours of professional courses. All course work must be completed in compliance with the program’s and school’s academic and professional policies.