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Careers in Medical Laboratory Science

Medical laboratory science is a diverse, science-based profession aimed at accurate performance of clinical laboratory procedures on biologic samples from patients. Medical laboratory scientists typically work in laboratories located in hospitals, clinics, physician group practices, blood centers, medical research facilities, or medically oriented industries.

Physicians use the results from these procedures in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating diseases. Some of the tasks that medical laboratory scientists perform include analysis of simple/complex chemical components of body fluids, evaluation of cellular components of blood, identification of microorganisms and their antibiotic susceptibilities, preparation of blood components for patient therapy, molecular detection of diseases, and evaluation of new techniques, procedures, and instruments.

Laboratory personnel continually evaluate the quality of the results from procedures and instruments and solve any problems that relate to inconsistencies. Excellent communication skills are required to interact with other members of the health care team, to teach, and to manage individuals under their supervision.

Credentialed medical laboratory scientists are in high demand within Indiana and elsewhere.