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Radiography Curriculum

The Associate of Science degree program in Radiography at Indiana University School of Medicine is a 22-month program that trains students to effectively perform radiographic procedures and evaluate images. Within the first month of training, students experience hands-on learning and patient care experience. In addition to clinical training, students pursue original research. A study abroad experience is available. Graduates of this professional program are qualified to work as entry-level radiologic technologists.

Year One

Summer Session II Course Credits
Introduction to Radiography RADI-R 110 3.0
Patient Care I RADI-R 112 3.0
Total 6.0
Fall Course Credits
Radiographic Procedures I RADI-R 114 3.0
Radiographic Procedures I lab RADI-R 115 1.0
Principles of Radiography I RADI-R 118 4.0
Radiography Principles Lab I RADI-R 119 1.0
Basic Clinical Experience Course RADI-R 151
Total 12.0
Spring Course Credits
Radiographic Procedures II RADI-R 124 3.0
Radiographic Procedures Lab II RADI-R 125 1.0
Principles of Radiography II RADI-R 128 4.0
Radiography Principles Lab II RADI-R 129 1.0
Basic Clinical Experience Course RADI-R 171 3.0
Total 12.0

Year Two

Summer Course Credits
Patient Care II | Hybrid RADI-R 212 1.0
Medical Ethics and Law
for Imaging Prof | Online
RADI-R 225 1.0
Clinical Competency Experience RADI-R 270
Total 6.0
Fall Course Credits
Radiographic Pathology | Online RADI-R 210 2.0
Radiographic Procedures III RADI-R 214 3.0
Principles of Radiography III RADI-R 228 4.0
Clinical Competency Experience III RADI-R 271
Total 13.0
Spring Course Credits
Image Evaluation RADI-R 216 3.0
Radiation Biology and Protection in
    Diagnostic Radiology | Online
RADI-R 262 1.0
Clinical Experience Course RADI-R 272
Intro to Professional Life in Img Sci RADI-R 276 4.0
Total 12.0


Program faculty recommends graduating students with superior academic performance for degrees awarded with distinction according to the Indiana University policy. Students with outstanding academic and clinical achievement during the professional program may be recognized by the program at the time of graduation.

Graduation Requirements

To qualify for graduation, Radiography students must complete 76 credit hours of coursework, including 15 credit hours of prerequisites and 61 credit hours of professional courses. All course work must be completed in compliance with the program’s and school’s academic and professional policies.