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Radiography Career

Radiography is an area of radiology that focuses on x-rays to image the human body. X-rays are used to diagnose pathologic processes and allow physicians to see inside the body during procedures. Radiographers use x-rays to image patients in a variety of ways.

Patient Care

Radiographers, also called radiologic technologists, are members of a health care team who perform diagnostic imaging examinations. Radiographers perform specialized tests, examinations, procedures and treatments using a combination of imaging sciences and radiologic equipment. They are educated in anatomy, patient positioning, examination techniques, equipment protocols, radiation safety, radiation protection and basic patient care.

Typical Day

A typical day for a radiographer could involve standard x-ray exams in the radiology department, mobile x-ray exams throughout the hospital including the emergency department, live video imaging in the fluoroscopy suites and C-arm imaging in the operating rooms.