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Chelsea Wilson, PA, RT(R)

2011, Radiography Program
2014, Medical Imaging Technology Program

My love for radiology persuaded me to further my education and work as a physician assistant (PA) within the field. During my last year of school, I accepted a PA job working in interventional radiology with Radiology of Indiana.

Robert Cesnik, RT(R)

1986, Radiography Program

My education at in the Radiography Program gave me the foundation I needed to be successful in my career path. I was way ahead of others when I later entered a paramedic program. I am very grateful to the professors who have supported me decades after graduation. I could never repay them for their guidance and support.

Lesli Fortice, MBA, RT(R)(MR)

2007, Radiography Program
2009, Medical Imaging Technology Program

I appreciate the foundation that these programs provided. Working and serving my community has been a driving force each day. I’m grateful for the foundation that the Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Undergraduate Programs provided me.

Dan Keller, BS, RT(R)(CT)(MR), CIIP

1992, Radiography Program
1993, Medical Imaging Technology Program

After graduation I worked as a staff CT and MRI technologist until 1999. I have been employed at Bayer Healthcare since 1999. I now provide clinical and technical support for Radimetrics Enterprise Platform, a comprehensive system for monitoring patient radiation exposure across multiple imaging modalities.

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