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Learn about tuition and fees for the MD program, cost of attendance, financial aid and funding support for medical education at IU School of Medicine

MD Tuition and Fees

Medical students at Indiana University School of Medicine pay the same annual tuition regardless of what class level. First- and second-year students pay tuition and fees in halves consistent with their fall and spring semester registration. Third- and fourth-year students pay in thirds consistent with their registration in the summer term and the academic year (fall and spring semesters).

Currently, for incoming first-year students, the cost is approximately $35,000 for Indiana residents and $60,000 for non-residents.

The annual fees vary depending on the class year. Medical students are assessed a microscopy fee during their first two years with first-year students assessed an Interprofessional Education Fee once in the fall semester of their first year. All students are assessed the Repair and Rehabilitation Fee.

Medical School Tuition

Tuition information for all programs at IUPUI, including the IU School of Medicine, are available.

Financial Aid

Information on Financial Aid available through grants and loans as well as scholarships is available from the IU School of Medicine Office of Student Financial Services.

Medical Education Support

Providing a medical education costs considerably more than what a student pays in tuition and fees. To fill this gap, the medical school receives funding from the state of Indiana as well as supportive organizations, generous donors and alumni.


Making Healing Happen

Stacy Walters knows firsthand the difference doctors make in the lives of patients and families. That's why the future M.D. is grateful for scholarships and financial aid from the IU School of Medicine. Free from financial uncertainty, she can focus on her education and clinical training—the things that will be indispensable to her ability to provide quality care.