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Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Students listen attentively and communicate clearly with patients, families, peers, faculty and other members of the health care team: establishing rapport; fostering, forming and maintaining therapeutic relationships with patients; effectively gathering and providing information during interactions with others; and participating in collaborative decision-making that is patient focused.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills 1: Interpersonal Communication

Demonstrate active listening and use of verbal and non-verbal skills to communicate understanding; modify communication styles in accordance with the context and purpose of the conversation; demonstrate sensitivity to cultural factors and the needs of others. 

Interpersonal and Communication Skills 2: Shared Decision-Making

Incorporate elements of shared decision making into communication with patients to facilitate their active participation in their health care.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills 3: Oral Communication

Construct and deliver concise, accurate and well-organized oral presentations in both academic and clinical settings.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills 4: Professional Writing and Documentation

Document detailed, relevant and timely information in the medical record.