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View competencies and institutional learning objectives for the MD program, which are approved by the Curriculum Council Steering Committee.

Competencies and Institutional Learning Objectives

The primary curriculum governing body of IU School of Medicine, the Curriculum Council Steering Committee (CCSC) approved institutional adoption of the ACGME competencies as the guiding framework for the new curriculum. IU School of Medicine extends these core competencies to student instruction through all four years of training: Aligning with this framework allows faculty and students to understand how current student learning prepares them for the next stage in their training and for their ongoing practice and maintenance of certification.

The seven competencies and their associated objectives serve as our institutional level objectives. All course-level objectives are derived from specific objectives within one of the seven competencies. In turn, as courses are designed, objectives are written for each session/class meeting, and each session objective is linked to a specific course objective. This allows the school to outline the courses that teach students the competencies and the sessions within courses where this learning is taking place.