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Pulmonary Critical Care and Critical Care Fellowships

The Indiana University School of Medicine Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship features two tracks: pulmonary and critical care medicine. Each track focuses on the advancement of clinical skills, scientific knowledge, and ethical standards of trainees to prepare them for a career as clinicians, educators or scientists. This program strives to prepare physicians for careers in academic medicine through exposure and participating in high-quality research, both in basic sciences and clinical outcomes research.


Message from the Program Director

Welcome to the Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship Program at Indiana University School of Medicine! We appreciate your interest in our program and hope that the information compiled on this website will give you a good feel for how our program is structured and what you can expect if you join us.

Our program has two tracks: Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine (three years) and Critical Care Medicine (two years) and you can find information specific to each track on this site.

When people ask me what I would identify as the biggest strength of our program, I always answer that it is the culture of our division. We place a high priority on maintaining a supportive and inclusive environment, emphasizing the importance of interprofessional collaboration and teamwork, and we strive to recruit individuals with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Another strength of our program is its flexibility — we can tailor each trainee’s fellowship experiences to prepare them for their specific career goals, whether they are a career as a physician scientist, a clinician, or a clinical educator. All of our trainees have opportunities to participate in high quality bench, clinical, or quality improvement research and receive robust clinical training, leaving them fully prepared for a career in pulmonary and critical care medicine wherever they may choose to go after graduation.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions about our program that are not answered on this site and follow us on Twitter!

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Laura J. Hinkle, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

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