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Department Leadership

Headshot of David Aronoff, MD

Department Chair

David Aronoff, MD

Dr. Aronoff believes that a strong Department of Medicine inevitably benefits patients, other departments across IU School of Medicine, the affiliated health systems and the state of Indiana. He is committed to building upon existing institutional strengths and targeting new opportunities that can shape Indiana into one of the leading academic medicine departments in improving human health through quality, innovation, discovery, education and implementation.

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Vice Chairs

Vice Chair, Research
4840-Wools-Kaloustian, Kara

Kara K. Wools-Kaloustian, MD

Read Bio Kara K. Wools-Kaloustian, MD

Vice Chair, Education
4923-Mehta, Rakesh

Rakesh P. Mehta, MD

Read Bio Rakesh P. Mehta, MD

Vice Chair, Clinical Affairs
4793-Clary, Julie

Julie M. Clary, MD

Read Bio Julie M. Clary, MD

Vice chair, Clinical & Academic ADMINISTRATION
4426-Makielski, Kerry

Kerry C. Makielski

Read Bio Kerry C. Makielski

Associate and Assistant Vice Chairs

Associate Vice Chair for Clinical Operations
Tara Casey

Tara Casey, MHA

Associate Vice Chair of Clinical Operations, Department of Medicine, Indiana University Health Physicians

Read Bio Tara Casey, MHA

Associate Vice Chair for Finance and Budget
Tom Betley

Tom Betley

Associate Vice Chair For Health Equity
38486-Nephew, Lauren

Lauren D. Nephew, MD

Read Bio Lauren D. Nephew, MD

Associate Vice Chair for Wellness
5120-de Groot, Mary

Mary de Groot, PhD

Read Bio Mary de Groot, PhD

Associate Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs - Quality, Safety, and Population Health
4406-Dbeibo, Lana

Lana Dbeibo, MD

Read Bio Lana Dbeibo, MD

Education Leaders

Assistant Vice Chair for Health Equity
4092-Gilmore, Ashley

Ashley Gilmore, MD

Read Bio Ashley Gilmore, MD

Internal Medicine Residency (Indianapolis)

Program Director
5258-Hur, Jennifer

Jennifer R. Hur, MD

Read Bio Jennifer R. Hur, MD

Associate Program Director
6189-Wright, Curtis

Curtis Wright, MD

Read Bio Curtis Wright, MD

Associate Program Director, Methodist
5339-Thomas, Allyson

Allyson L. Thomas, MD

Read Bio Allyson L. Thomas, MD

Associate Program Director
6192-Vannerson, Julie

Julie A. Vannerson, MD

Read Bio Julie A. Vannerson, MD

Associate Program Director
5213-Sinex, Noelle

Noelle C. Sinex, MD

Read Bio Noelle C. Sinex, MD

Medical Education Specialist
23190-Sharp, Sacha

Sacha N. Sharp, PhD

Read Bio Sacha N. Sharp, PhD

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency (Indianapolis)

Program Director
6181-Brady, Timothy

Timothy B. Brady, MD

Read Bio Timothy B. Brady, MD

Associate Program Director
6167-Munchhof, Amy

Amy M. Munchhof, MD, PhD

Read Bio Amy M. Munchhof, MD, PhD

Associate Program Director
6342-Wilson, Michael

Michael J. Wilson, MD, PhD

Read Bio Michael J. Wilson, MD, PhD

Internal Medicine Clerkship

Program Director
5220-Cox, LeeAnn

LeeAnn M. Cox, MD

Read Bio LeeAnn M. Cox, MD

Associate Program director, statewide
5958-Chow, Justin

Justin J. Chow, MD

Read Bio Justin J. Chow, MD

Associate Clerkship Director
42689-Pritchard, Haley

Haley A. Pritchard, MD

Read Bio Haley A. Pritchard, MD

Sub-Internship Clerkship in Internal Medicine

Program Director
4841-Vu, Toan

Toan R. Vu, MD

Read Bio Toan R. Vu, MD

Associate Program Director
5412-Smith, Joseph

Joseph P. Smith, MD

Read Bio Joseph P. Smith, MD