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Facilities on the Indianapolis campus provide amenities to make it easier for students to focus, study and complete their academic work—and relax.

Medical Student Facilities

De-stressing and self-care are important parts of academic success. The Indianapolis campus provides terrific amenities to make it easier for students to focus, study and complete their academic work, manage everyday life tasks—and relax. The Campus Center houses a credit union, cafeteria and bookstore as well as meeting and study spaces. A variety of dining opportunities are also available—ranging from fast food to continental cuisine. Additionally, the school hosts a number of training facilities that make studying easier including a world-class clinical Simulation Center—affectionately referred to as the “Sim Center.”

Work and Study Space

Students enjoy different types of study environments—some prefer group study, while others need quiet spaces to study alone. A range of public study spaces are available in Indianapolis.

The Daly Center is a popular study location. The center has twelve rooms, each with a white board and wireless internet access that can accommodate small study groups. The Daly Center also contains a large medical student lounge that is conducive to individual study. The Medical Student Lounge and Daly Center are open 24 hours daily.

Computers are available in the Daly Center computer lab and in the Ruth Lilly Medical Library. The library also hosts diverse study spaces—from cozy chairs with footrests to structured desks with whiteboards. All medical students have access to the same online resources, such as MedLine and various online textbooks, through the Ruth Lilly Medical Library.

University Library is also a popular option for students to study. Located in the middle of the IUPUI campus, it is always quiet and equipped with Mac and Microsoft computers.


A medical bookstore is located in the IUPUI Campus Center bookstore. Most of the review books and textbooks that medical students need are available.

Housing and Other Personal Space

While on campus, medical students require secure personal space to store valuable items and change of clothes during various medical school activities. All medical students in Indianapolis are assigned lockers for convenient storage of scrubs and books. The lockers are conveniently located in the Daly Student Center basement next to the student gym and showers. Third-and fourth-year student lockers are available in the Ruth Lilly Medical Library.

Each student is also assigned a locked mailbox for campus mail. Intracampus mail service is available, and a campus post office offers the services of a regular branch US Postal Service office.

IU School of Medicine-Indianapolis does not offer university-affiliated housing options for medical students who are based at this campus. Students from other campuses who complete a required clinical rotation in Indianapolis are provided housing at one of the local hotels. Many affordable and convenient housing options are available—from apartments within walking distance of campus to spacious houses in surrounding suburbs.