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Get answers to employment FAQ in Graduate Medical Education, including health benefits, orientation, parking, ID badges, lab coats and pay.

Employment/Onboarding FAQs

The email you receive from MedHub Notifications ( with the subject “IU School of Medicine GME Trainee 2019 Enrollment Requirements” is unique to you, granting access to your Trainee Enrollment Requirements Portal. In 2019, this message will be sent on or about March 29. Keep this email, as you will need to access it various times over the coming months to access the Requirements Portal and complete all essential tasks related to initiating your Letter of Appointment and onboarding into GME.

  • Items further down in the Enrollment Actions List may be dependent upon the completion of earlier items in the list, so you should complete requirements in the order in which they are listed as much as possible.
  • You will not be able to finish all items in the list right away, but everything is due prior to your start date.

Mozilla Firefox is the preferred internet browser for MedHub.

  • Google Chrome will work but requires an added Adobe Acrobat extension to allow you to fill out the required PDF documents and sign them.
  • Safari will work if you have a recent version of Adobe Reader downloaded and choose Open with Adobe Reader for PDF documents; Safari will not allow you to complete PDF documents using Preview.
  • Internet Explorer will work but may cache the page and time you out occasionally.

Visit and follow the instructions provided to download a free version of Adobe Reader DC for PC or Mac.

This occurs when the internet browser you are using has “cached” the login page. To correct this, close the browser completely, reopen the MedHub Notification email, and click on your link to the Trainee Enrollment Requirements Portal to open a new login page. This will allow you to enter your last name and log in again.

Click or copy the help link below for your version of Adobe and follow the instructions for creating a self-signed digital ID. (If prompted to select Digital Signatures, Data Encryption, or Both, choose Digital Signatures Only.)

To electronically complete PDF documents:

  1. Create an electronic signature (see “How do I create an Adobe Digital ID (electronic signature) to sign PDF documents?” above) if you have not already.
  2. When you click a PDF document link to open it within the Trainee Enrollment Requirements Portal, a message should appear asking if you want to open or save the file. Change the view option to Other, and then select Acrobat Reader. (If the PDF opens in Preview on a Mac, you will not be able to save any changes or apply your digital signature). You should be able to check a box indicating Always open Acrobat Reader for PDF files to store this setting on your computer.
  3. Fill out the form electronically. Save the file as a PDF on your computer (Desktop or Documents recommended), and close the completed form.

To upload completed documents to MedHub:

  1. Open your Trainee Enrollment Requirements Portal and click the Upload File button next to the appropriate requirement. Click Browse, find the saved file, and double click on its title.
  2. Click the Upload. You will see a green checkmark in your status column within the Requirements Portal, and the Upload File button will have changed to Mark Unsent (in case you need to change the file) when the form has been successfully uploaded.

Follow all of the steps in the previous Q&As above (Download Adobe Reader DC; Open/view files in Acrobat Reader instead of Preview). This will solve the vast majority of PDF issues.

You can convert PDF documents to Word, use the scribble/draw option to sign, and then save the document as a PDF using a free PDF-to-Word converter application.

If you have a scanner, you may print the documents, complete them manually, scan, and upload them to your Requirements Portal.

Feel free to call IU’s University Information Technology Services (UITS) 24-hour Help Desk at 317-274-4357 for assistance. Be sure to inform the Help Desk representative that you are filling out your hire documents for IU School of Medicine GME and they will help you further troubleshoot compatibility or technical issues.

Your Letter of Appointment will be added to your Enrollment Requirements Portal upon successful completion of a background check (on or about April 15). When this occurs, you will receive another MedHub Notification email indicating that your Enrollment Portal has been updated and needs your attention, and your Letter of Appointment will be available for you to sign.

GIS is an HR-appointed firm that conducts all of IU School of Medicine’s pre-employment screenings electronically, including background checks (eLink) as well as Employment Eligibility (I-9s). Be sure to add GIS ( to your safe-senders list in email and take immediate action as soon as you receive any communications from GIS.

You can contact the IPLA by phone at 317-234-2060 or by emailing Additional information is available on the IPLA website.

This information pertains to the Liability Insurance form within the MedHub Trainee Enrollment Requirements Portal. The company name should be listed as Old Crescent Insurance Company, your dates of coverage are simply your dates of attendance in medical school, and you should not check the box indicating that you are the primary insured. (Address and other fields are not required and can be left blank.)

In general, only non-citizens who have permission to work from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can apply for a Social Security number. To apply for a Social Security number:

  1. Complete an Application For A Social Security Card form (Form SS-5), which includes additional information about acceptable documents and Social Security office locations.
  2. Provide original documents proving your immigration status, work eligibility, age, identity.
  3. Take your completed application and original documents to your local Social Security office. In Indianapolis, this office is located at US Social Security Administration, 575 North Pennsylvania St., #685, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Once you have arrived on campus, take a form of government identification to the CrimsonCard Office, located on the 2nd floor of the IUPUI Campus Center building (southwest corner of Michigan St. and University Blvd.; open weekdays 8:00am – 5:00pm) where you can request your CrimsonCard. Be sure to request the “School of Medicine triple-technology card,” confirm your trainee type (Resident/Fellow), and verify your credentials to be printed (MD, DO, etc.) before your card is printed.

After HR has finalized your electronic hire documents you will be able to create your IU account, providing you with IU email, a network ID, and the ability to enroll in Duo Two-Step authentication (required). More details are available in the Trainee Enrollment Requirements Portal; you may also visit for more information.

Once you have received an email from the IU Office of Financial Management Services (FMS – Payroll), after HR has finalized your electronic hire documents, visit One.IU Email Management, which will allow you to review your account and ensure it is configured appropriately as an Exchange account so you can maintain access throughout training.

You should receive an email from the IU Office of Financial Management Services (FMS – Payroll) after HR has finalized your electronic hire documents. This email contains vital instructions for setting up your direct deposit, benefits, and tax withholdings. More details are provided within the Enrollment Requirements Portal.

GME Orientation includes at least two required stages: mandatory online modules (for which you should budget 15-20 hours total to complete once they become available in the Enrollment Requirements Portal starting May 1) and one half-day live orientation at the end of June or July.  More specific information about orientation requirements will be available within the MedHub Enrollment Requirements Portal. Your program likely conducts a departmental orientation that also requires your attendance.

The GME Handbook can be found on the GME Employment Terms & Benefits page. It will also be provided to you within the MedHub Enrollment Requirements Portal as well as a part of your GME online orientation modules.

All of these items will be given to you by the program coordinator.

One.IU is Indiana University’s web-based application portal that provides online services at all IU campuses. One.IU offers easy direct access for IU faculty and staff to the HR System, IT Services, Payroll & Taxes, and much more. Use your IU Account credentials to access this system. Once logged in, click on (or search for) the Employee Center to access payroll and tax information, enroll or make changes to benefits, update address & contact information, and much more.

Residents and fellows are employed and paid by Indiana University (IU) and will continue to be paid by IU even when rotating to affiliated hospitals and off-site electives.

You will be paid monthly on the last business day of each month, except for a few specific instances:

  1. December’s pay is deposited the first working day of January in the next calendar year so that only twelve pay periods are reported on your annual W-2 instead of thirteen. No advance pay can be made.
  2. Some fellowship positions are paid monthly on the first business day of each month. Please check with your program coordinator to determine if your fellowship program falls under this exception.

Yes, direct deposit pay advices are distributed electronically through the University’s One.IU system.  You will need your IU Account Login to access the One.IU Employee Center.

Benefit information can be accessed through the IU Human Resources site, with additional information provided on the “Health Benefits” page of the online GME Handbook. Be sure to refer to the IU Employee Center to determine your specific plan.

The Anthem plan year runs from January through December (calendar year). Be sure to refer to the IU Employee Center to determine your specific plan.

Coverage begins on the first day your enrollment/hire begins.

Coverage ends on the last day of eligibility (midnight on the last day of active full-time employment).

To add a spouse, you need to provide your marriage certificate. To add a child, you need to provide a birth certificate or birth confirmation letter.

If you marry or have a child during training (after having already enrolled in your benefits), you must complete the Life Events task within the IU Employee Center: Benefits tab within thirty days of the event in order to add your dependent. If you do not complete the Life Events task or submit proof of dependency within thirty days of the event, you will be required to wait until the next open enrollment period to obtain benefits for your spouse or child. For more information, please visit IU Human Resources Life Events Changes page.