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For IU Health clients, many of our tests can be ordered within Cerner Powerchart.

For all other clients and test requests, please download and include a completed requisition form with your specimen.

Miller et al 2021_C5_acylcarnitine isobaric separation

High Resolution Acylcarnitine Sub-Panels

Determine the true cause of acylcarnitine abnormalities detected by common acylcarnitine tests such as newborn screening. Our novel LC-MS/MS acylcarnitine method (TEST 4000) can separate and individually quantify numerous isobaric/isomeric acylcarnitine species unresolved by traditional flow injection methods. If a full acylcarnitine analysis is not needed, we offer the following targeted acylcarnitine subpanels:

Interested in partnering on research studies?

Testing provided by the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory can be commissioned for research studies and applied not only to human plasma/urine/CSF/blood spot cards, but to a wide range of biofluids and tissue extracts derived from model organisms or cell cultures.

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an illustration of collecting a blood spot from a finger

How to collect a blood spot sample

Blood spot amino acid testing is an important way to monitor patient diet and treatment. Appropriate collection of blood spot samples can be tricky.  Improper collection can lead to incorrect results. To help make the process easier, we’ve created a short guide to blood spot collection. 

Download the blood spot collection guide