Professional Development

Faculty Affairs and Professional Development (FAPD) offers a diverse range of training workshops, seminars and programming designed to sharpen your teaching techniques, refine your research methodologies and foster collaboration.

The pursuit of excellence is a lifelong journey, and FAPD is committed to empowering you with the necessary tools, resources and opportunities to thrive. 

dean hess and gabe bosslet. Bosslet holds his new award


Honoring outstanding teaching, research and service is an important part of our culture.

Career Development Consultation

One-on-one consultations cover a variety of needs including career development, promotion and tenure, teaching development and basic science research. 

a mentor and mentee sit together talking


Mentoring provides guidance, a sense of belonging and confidence in your academic journey.

a faculty member speaks in class in front of a monitor display in the glick eye institute

Peer Review of Teaching

FAPD offers training and resources to support high-quality peer review of teaching across the school.

A woman in a Jaguars sweatshirt relaxes in a hammock on campus


Wellness offerings support health, success and happiness while increasing the capacity for empathy and resistance to burnout.

a black graduate student works in a lab at the Gary campus

Resources for Researchers

FAPD supports research faculty through opportunities that enhance leadership, communication and research skills.

Resources for Educators

Strengthen your teaching skills, including course design, lecturing, clinical teaching, giving feedback and more.