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Physician-scientists at IU School of Medicine conduct ground-breaking research studies to understand diabetes.

Diabetes Research Studies


172-Gromski, Mark

Mark A. Gromski, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine

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Open Research Studies for Diabetes

A Prospective Study to Establish a New Onset Hyperglycemia and Diabetes (NOD) Cohort

Enrolling: No

Principle Investigator: Zeb Saeed, MD

Primary Objective: 

To prospectively assemble a cohort of subjects ≥50 and ≤85 years of age with New-onset Hyperglycemia and Diabetes (NOD), called the NOD Cohort, in order to:

  1. Estimate the probability of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) in the NOD Cohort
  2. Establish a biobank of clinically annotated biospecimens including a reference set of biospecimens from pre-symptomatic PDAC and control new-onset Hyperglycemia and type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (DM) subjects
  3. Facilitate validation of emerging tests for identifying NOD subjects at high risk for having PDAC using the reference set

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A Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind, Sham-Controlled, Multi-Center Pivotal Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Duodenal Mucosal Resurfacing Using the Revita System in Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes on Insulin Therapy

Enrolling: Yes

Principle Investigators:  Mark Gromski, MD, Zeb Saeed, MD, Raj Vuppalanchi, MD

Primary Outcome Measurement: Percentage of subjects who achieve a HbA1c ≤ 7.0% at Week 24 without the need for insulin at Week 24, DMR vs Sham.

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