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Pursuing a Fellowship

Graduates from the Internal Medicine Residency program at IU Health Ball Memorial are prepared to pursue a wide range of fellowships after training here. Approximately 20 percent of our residents choose to pursue subspecialty training. Residents have been quite successful in obtaining fellowships in all specialties at many prestigious institutions, including Indiana University, the Ohio State University, Duke University, Cleveland Clinic, University of Kentucky, University of Utah, University of Cincinnati and University of Washington, among others.

Our program will provide you with the clinical and academic background necessary for you to obtain the fellowship of your choice. Approximately one-third of the medical subspecialists in our community are graduates of the residency program. Many other graduates of our program have gone on to obtain faculty positions in university settings.


Qiraat Azeem, MB BS
Pulmonary/Critical Care, Charleston Area Medical Center/West Virginia University, Charleston, West Virginia

Alvin Hu, MD
Nephrology, Brigham & Womens Hospital/Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts

Adelina Priscu, MD
Endocrinology, IU School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana

Ibrahim Shah, MB BS
Infectious Disease, IU School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana

Sudarshan Srivangipuram, MB BS
Infectious Disease/Critical Care, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

Clifford S. Hecht, MD
Critical Care, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Neptune, New Jersey


Azka Tasleem, MBBS
Hematology/Oncology, Vidant Health/ECU Brody School of Medicine, Greenville, North Carolina

Jake Liang, MD
Endocrinology, Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana


Anchit Bharat, MD
Nephrology, IU School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana


Franklin C. Mikell, MD
Critical Care/Infectious Disease, Vidant Health/ECU Brody School of Medicine, Greenville, North Carolina

Aisha N. Davis, MD
Critical Care, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, New York

Clifford S. Hecht, MD
Pulmonology, Rosalind Franklin University, North Chicago, Illinois


Padmini Parameswaran, MB, BS
Rheumatology, Allegheny Health Network, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Erick Christensen, MD
Clinical Informatics, IU School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana


Swetha Boddeda, MB, BS
Rheumatology, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Sarah M. Jeong, MD
Hematology/Oncology, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Allison J. Wildin, DO
Rheumatology, Medical College of Wisconsin


Karna Sarin, MD
Critical Care, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York


Rey F. Arcenas, MD
Cardiology, Kettering Medical Center, Dayton, Ohio

Chandler H. Park, MD
Hematology/Oncology, University of West Virginia


Alaa Ahmed, MD
Medical Oncology, State University of New York at Buffalo

Rajeev Rajendra, MD, MS
Hematology/Oncology, University of Washington


Wen Han, MD
Endocrinology, The Ohio State University

Suiwen He, MD, PhD
Nephrology, University of South Florida

Rabeeya Sabzwari, MD
Infectious Diseases, University of Illinois


Ling Ma, MD, MS
Medical Oncology, Baylor University School of Medicine

Prema Menon, MD
Pulmonary/Critical Care, University of Vermont

Heather Greist, MD
Rheumatology, Wayne State University

Pooja Singal, MD
Endocrinology, Indiana University


Gabriela Loperena Oropeza, MD
Endocrinology, University of Washington


Gul Khan, MD
Pulmonary/Critical Care, Texas A & M


Mohammed Baccora, MD
Nephrology, Henry Ford Hospital

Baowei Tang, MD
Rheumatology, University of Tennessee


Ramesh C. Kesavalu, MD
Rheumatology, Indiana University School of Medicine

Joseph E. Spahr, MD
Hematology/Oncology, University of Utah

Kathleen M. Thomas, DO
Rheumatology, Indiana University

Michael J. Williamson, Jr., DO
Hematology/Oncology, St. Louis University


Garrick P. Hubbard, MD
Allergy/Immunology, Medical College of Wisconsin


Qing Jia, MD
Endocrinology, The Ohio State University

Jayakrishnakamal Konijeti, MD
Nephrology, University of Cincinnati

Peter Ranta, MD
Allergy/Immunology, Medical College of Georgia


Rama Donepudi, MD
Endocrinology, Indiana University