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Medical Student Volunteers

All IU School of Medicine medical students are welcome and encouraged to volunteer at the IU Student Outreach Clinic, regardless of class level and specialty interests. The clinic allows the opportunity for medical students to gain valuable, real-world experience working alongside volunteer faculty, while helping to close the health care gap for the underserved in the Indianapolis community as soon as they begin their medical training. In addition to patient-facing, clinical experience, there are opportunities for students to gain leadership experience through important managerial roles that are key in the overall structure and success of the clinic.

The responsibilities of the first- and- second-year medical student includes talking with patients; measuring and recording vital signs; presenting patients to third- and- fourth-year medical student volunteers; observing and assisting third- and- fourth-year medical student volunteers during the history and physical exam, as well as staffing with the attending physician; and ensuring patients have the necessary information and resources prior to proceeding to the Butler University Community Outreach Pharmacy for medication and additional education. Sign up to volunteer as a current medical student.

The responsibilities of current third- and- fourth-year medical students include reviewing triage information with first- and- second-year medical students and verifying/clarifying any abnormal findings; conduct history and physical exams with first- and- second-year students present; staff patients with an attending physician; complete all documentation in patients’ charts; review all patient visit documentation prior to obtaining a staff co-signature; and writing all necessary prescriptions to obtain a staff signature. Sign up to volunteer as a current medical student.

Clinic translators must be able to effectively communicate with patients in their native language. Translators should have a basic knowledge of medical terminology in the language they will be translating. Responsibilities include meeting with and answering any preliminary questions for patients whose primary language is not English; ensuring these patients are fully informed about patient confidentiality and the consent practices of the clinic; accompany these patients throughout his or her clinic visit; and serve as a liaison between the patient and health care provider during the time of service. Sign up to volunteer as a translator.

There are opportunities for additional roles in the clinic including Clinic Managers, Patient Navigators, Board Members, or the Education Emportment Team. Applications for these positions will be announced through the student volunteer listserv.