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IU School of Medicine is committed to establishing an organizational culture in which differences are present and highly valued.

Inclusive Climate Programs

a student waves a rainbow flag at the pride parade in 2019

IU School of Medicine is committed to establishing an organizational culture in which differences—including race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation and other physical abilities and qualities—are present and highly valued and where all people are inspired, supported and encouraged to fully participate in the rich environment of this academic institution.

Program key:

1: Programs for medical students
2: Programs for graduate students
3: Programs for residents and fellows
4: Programs for faculty
5: Programs for staff

The Collective, Man-to-Man, and Woman-to-Woman 1,2,3,4,5

These events allow safe spaces for critical dialogue, networking, and emotional, mental and physical safety and are created for students, residents, fellows, faculty, staff and community healthcare providers. The Collective happens in the fall, and gender-targeted events occur in the spring.

Cross-Cultural Student Success Retreat 1

Longitudinal pre-orientation event dedicated to preparing students for academic, social and professional success during their time at IU School of Medicine. An event open to all, this retreat is focused on providing unity and solidarity for student populations underrepresented in medicine and biomedical research. During this retreat, there will be tailored programming to meet the needs of first, second and third-year students. This event provides an opportunity for students to connect with each other, develop skills and strengthen relationships with support systems at IU School of Medicine.

SNMA/Aesculapian Society Mixer 1,2,3,4,5

The Student National Medical Association/Aesculapian Medical Society Mixer brings together trainees, faculty, staff and community health care providers from across the city of Indianapolis. In partnership with the Aesculapian Medical Society, this event serves as a safe space, networking event for minoritized trainees, faculty and professionals. In addition to IU School of Medicine, this event welcomes trainees, faculty and staff from health training programs throughout Indianapolis.

Medical students interest groups 1

A variety of student interest groups with a focus on diversity and inclusion allow students to collaborate and advocate for a wide-range of perspectives and cultures at IU School of Medicine. Some student interest groups include American Medical Women Association (AMWA), IU School of Medicine Medical Alliance (LGBTQ+ focus), Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA), Medical Spanish (MS), Master of Science in Medical Science (MSMS), Student Outreach Clinic (SOC) and Student National Medical Association (SNMA).

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Multicultural Physician Alliance 3

Initiative to improve diversity and inclusion among residents and fellows by fostering an environment for professional development and a culture of inclusivity.

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Indy Pride 1,2,3,4,5

IU School of Medicine participates every year in the Indy Pride parade.

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Speaking Up: How Bystanders Can Change the Conversation 1,2,3,4,5

Understanding what motivates us to speak up, the challenges we face when doing so and strategies for effective responding can help bystanders to bias better evaluate their options and select effective strategies. In this interactive workshop, attendees will first learn about bystander reactions to social biases and how these reactions can help or hinder decisions to speak up.

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Dr. Patricia Treadwell Women of Color in Medicine Lecture 1,2,3,4,5

Patricia Treadwell, MD, was the first woman of color to be a full-time professor for IU School of Medicine. She is a pediatric dermatologist and has a sickle cell clinic where she conducts her research. The Women in Medicine Lecture honors her 40 years of service at IU School of Medicine and features speakers who share their stories and journeys in medicine as women of color.

Stepping Stones of Women in Leadership 1,2,3,4,5

Since women in academic medicine tend to have smaller professional networks than male colleagues, and because fewer women than men advance to higher ranks, women have fewer role models of success. At the Stepping Stones of Women in Leadership series, a successful woman in medicine or science is interviewed about the stepping stones which led to her career success.

Pronoun Badges 1,2,3,4,5

A pronoun is a word used to refer to either the people who are talking (like “I” or “you”) or a person being talked about in the third person (like “she/her,” “he/him,” and “they/them”). Since some pronouns are gendered (“she/her” and “he/him”), it is important to be intentional about using pronouns to create as inclusive an environment as possible. For this reason, IU School of Medicine offers pronoun badge buddies in addition to a document that outlines why pronouns matter, some tips on pronoun etiquette, and a chart offering examples of pronouns in use.

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