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Indiana University School of Medicine offers programs that encourage continued learning and understanding about different cultures, ethnicities and life experiences. The team hosts over 20 unique events year-round to engage faculty, staff and learners in conversations to become better health care professionals. Additionally, departments may request workshops to advance the culture of their teams.


Workshops can be scheduled throughout the academic year in person or remotely. Staff can attend team meetings and retreats and present one-to-two-hour workshops. These workshops are a great way to help meet strategic goals.

DEI Coalition board members walking together

Recruitment and Retention

IU School of Medicine offers a wide range of recruitment and retention programs to help build a pipeline of talented and diverse health care professionals.

a black woman smiles at an educational event

Inclusive Climate

Programs to foster an inclusive climate at IU School of Medicine work to establish a culture in which differences are present and highly valued.

a faculty members smiles at an event

Cultural Competency Training

Cultural competency training ensures learners and faculty have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to work effectively with patients and families, and with other members of the medical community.